Metro Revealed, Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

Metro Revealed, Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

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For Georgia event date and time is 8 June, 0:00 (h:mm)

Free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2012

Introducing Windows Server 2012Introducing Windows Server 2012, by Mitch Tulloch, is now ready for free download! Please see the links below to download one or all of the available formats.

PDF Introducing Windows Server 2012 PDF ebook

EPUB Introducing Windows Server 2012 EPUB ebook

MOBI Introducing Windows Server 2012 MOBI ebook

Introducing Windows Server 2012 is 256 pages and includes 5 chapters loaded with insider information from the Windows Server Team.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The business need for Windows Server 2012
The rationale behind cloud computing Making the transition
Technical requirements for successful cloud computing
Four ways Windows Server 2012 delivers value for cloud computing Foundation for building your private cloud

Chapter 2 Foundation for building your private cloud
A complete virtualization platform
Increase scalability and performance Business continuity for virtualized workloads

Chapter 3 Highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform
Continuous availability
Cost efficiency
Management efficiency

Chapter 4 Deploy web applications on premises and in the cloud
Scalable and elastic web platform
Support for open standards

Chapter 5 Enabling the modern workstyle
Access virtually anywhere, from any device
Full Windows experience
Enhanced security and compliance

To read more about the latest news on Windows Server 2012 and to download the release candidate, go here.

Free ebook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (First Preview)


Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScriptCelebrate the Windows 8 Release Preview and the Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate, we’re happy to release a preview edition of

Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, by Kraig Brockschmidt (who, some of you might remember, many years ago worked with us on a couple editions of Inside OLE).

Download a PDF of the ebook here (4.34 MB).

Download the ebook’s sample code here (27.5 MB).

This first preview contains the first four chapters of what we think will be an 18-chapter final ebook:

Chapter 1 The Life Story of a Metro Style App: Platform Characteristics of Windows
Chapter 2 Quickstart
Chapter 3 App Anatomy and Page Navigation
Chapter 4 Controls, Control Styling, and Basic Data Binding

More info about this book

DevCon 12

24 Hours Of PASS. Russian Edition


გეპატიჟებთ უდიდეს ონლაინ სემინარზე, რომელიც ეძღვნება Microsoft SQL Server-ს.

24 საათის განმავლობაში თავის ცოდნას და გამოცდილებას გაგიზიარებენ როგორც დამოუკიდებელი ექსპერტები, ასევე კომპანია Microsoft-ის SQL Server-ის შემქმნელი გუნდი. შემოგვიერთდით 12 აპრილს, რეგისტრაცია უკვე დაწყებულია ვებ გვერდზე

Приглашаем вас на крупнейшее онлайн-мероприятие, посвященное Microsoft SQL Server.

В течении 24 часов своими знаниями с вами будут делиться как независимые эксперты, так и сотрудники Microsoft из команды разработки SQL Server. Присоединяйтесь к нам 12 апреля. Регистрация уже открыта на сайте

Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 includes 10 chapters:


    1.   SQL Server 2012 Editions and Engine Enhancements
    2.   High-Availability and Disaster-Recovery Enhancements
    3.   Performance and Scalability
    4.   Security Enhancements
    5.   Programmability and Beyond-Relational Enhancements


    6.   Integration Services
    7.   Data Quality Services
    8.   Master Data Services
    9.   Analysis Services and PowerPivot
    10.  Reporting Services

This book will help you learn about the new features and capabilities in SQL Server 2012, which Microsoft released to manufacturing (RTM) on March 6, 2012. You can expect general availability of the product to begin on April 1, 2012.

Download Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012

MCP-Club, 23 Dec, Event Location

მოხარულები ვართ შეგატყობინოთ რომ MCP-Club შეხვედრა ჩატარდება შემდგომ მისამართზე:

პიქსელის ცენტრი, ჭავჭავაძის 23, მე-5 სართული, კომპანია Microsoft საქართველოს ოფისის გვერდით. რეგისტრაცია 16:30 საათზე


We are pleased to announce that MCP-Club event location is:

Pixel Business Centre, 34 Chavchavadze Ave., 5th floor near Microsoft Georgia office.

Registration 16:30


Мы рады сообшить вам, что место проведения MCP-Club-а:

Чавчавадзе 34, здание Пиксель, 5-й Этаж, рядом с офисом Microsoft Georgia.

Регистрация 16:30




Pixel, Chavchavadze 34

Upcoming event in MCP-Club Tbilisi, last event in Y11

If you are registered user in Technical Community (UGSS) you probably receive registration email, if not, copy of registration email is bellow.

(registration is required if you planning to attend event, click on apt link below)

23 December, IT Pro Event
PR01: Windows Server vNext by Arman Obosyan
PR02: Microsoft System Center Service Manager by Zviad Kviralashvili
PR03: Microsoft Support Services by Sandro Galdava
PR04: Ministry of Justice, How we Manage it! by David Ramishvili
PR05: Be Professional, Be Certified Professional! by Arman Obosyan

IT Pro Event Registration


Please Note:

If you or your friend not yet registered in Technical Community (UGSS) then sign up today! to receive updates and news of upcoming events in MCP-Club Tbilisi

Visit registration instruction for more information or find us on Facebook

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