24 Hours of PASS. Russian Edition


24 Hours of PASS

24 Hours of PASS. Russian Edition

Запомните дату: 21 марта 2013. В этот день состоится вторая онлайн конференция "24 Hours of PASS. Russian Edition".

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Если вы пропустили прошлую конференцию, то на странице вы можете посмотреть не только обычную видеозапись, но и записи в формате Microsoft Office Live Meeting High-Fidelity Presentation.

Записи встречи и презентации размещены также на сайте http://www.techdays.ru/series/pass-2012

SharePoint Community event



Meet SharePoint experts (“Gods of SharePoint") at 29 November 19:00

Michael Noel

Michael Noel is an internationally recognized technology expert, bestselling author, and well known public speaker on a broad range of IT topics.  He has authored several major industry books that have been translated into over a dozen languages worldwide. Significant titles include SharePoint 2013 Unleashed, Exchange Server 2013 Unleashed, Windows Server 2012 Unleashed, SharePoint 2010 Unleashed, and many more.  Currently a partner at Convergent Computing (www.cco.com) in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael's writings and extensive public speaking experience across all seven continents leverage his real-world expertise helping organizations realize business value from Information Technology infrastructure.

Joel Oleson

Joel was the first dedicated SharePoint Administrator ever. He's been working with SharePoint nearly 12 years and worked at Microsoft in both IT and the product teams including Architecting the first rollout of Microsoft's own global search, upgrading the intranet, deploying enterprise deployments of team sites and my sites. On the Microsoft SharePoint Product Team was Sr. Product Manager and managed the IT Pro Audience in the SharePoint 2007 release. Joel has travelled over 100 countries in his quest to connect the global SharePoint community.  He has spoken in hundreds of events flying nearly 1 million miles reaching all corners of the globe. He currently manages a large SharePoint team in Salt Lake City at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Paul J. Swider

Paul J. Swider is the CTO of RealActivity (www.theactivityproject.com) an organization focused on improving collaboration, compliance and fiscal responsibility in healthcare. He has two decades of proven software and healthcare experience and is involved in many community and philanthropic efforts including a founding member of Sharing the Point, an international effort which offers free training opportunities in emerging markets. Paul is an accomplished technology entrepreneur straight from a barrier Island near Charleston, SC where he occasionally gets to chase the tides and winds as an avid boater and sailor.

Interested in this event? Join us at 29 November 19:00 at Pixel Business center, 9th flour,

For more information and registration, please send a confirmation email to armano@microsoft.com with the subject: SharePoint 2013 seminar. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis.



Server restored mcp.comunnity.ge

We are back online!

server and data restored (always make backup! ;) )




Today is Dev Day!

Всех Девелоперов с Праздником Программиста!

С'Праздником :-)


ИТ-Администраторы сделали подарок программистам, испортили блоги на community.ge ВКЛЮЧАЯ mcp.community.ge, обещают исправить, но не обнадеживают.

Windows Camp

Windows Camp

Сегодня в 10:00 UTC+4 прямая трансляция большой конференции Windows Camp, где расскажут как, зачем и почему разрабатывать приложения для Windows 8 и Windows Camp.
В рамках конференции будет несколько параллельных треков,

Основной трек:
10:00 — Открытие конференции
11:15 — Проектирование дизайна приложений для Windows 8 и Windows Phone
12:30 — Что нового в Windows Phone 8 для разработчиков
14:30 — Разработка приложений под Windows 8: жизненный цикл приложений, контракты, тайлы и оповещения
15:45 — 8 главных возможностей Visual Studio 2012 для создания приложений Windows 8
17:00 — Распространение и продвижение приложений в Windows Store и Windows Phone Marketplace
Второй трек:
12:30 — Разработка для Windows 8 на C++, использование DirectX и гибридные сценарии
14:30 — Облачные сервисы для приложений под Windows 8 и Windows Phone
15:45 — Погружение в фоновые сервисы для приложений Windows 8
17:00 — Перенос приложений Windows Phone на Windows 8 и создание приложений с общим кодом
Партнерский трек:
11:15 — Создание и использование Windows 8 UI компонентов в WinRT приложениях”, DevExpress
11:45 — «Реальный опыт разработки бизнес приложений под Windows Phone и Windows 8», I-Free
12:15 — Опыт создания приложения для ТВ Дождь под платформы Windows Phone и Windows 8
12:30 — “Экосистема Windows Phone и Nokia”, Nokia
13:00 — “OpenCL от Intel: используй мощь CPU и GPU одновременно”, Intel
14:15 — Работа с большими изображениями в Windows Phone. Проблемы и методы решения
15:30 — Опыт создания приложения Город под платформы Windows Phone и Windows 8
16:45 — Опыт создания клиента сайта TechDays.Ru под платформы Windows 8

Windows Camp

MVA The winners of the Summer competition – 1st Round

Georgia, Ketevan Tarkashvili

Congratulation to Ketevan Tarkashvili!

Join http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/

Metro Revealed, Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

Metro Revealed, Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

Meet Windows Azure, Watch the Event LIVE



For Georgia event date and time is 8 June, 0:00 (h:mm)

Free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2012

Introducing Windows Server 2012Introducing Windows Server 2012, by Mitch Tulloch, is now ready for free download! Please see the links below to download one or all of the available formats.

PDF Introducing Windows Server 2012 PDF ebook

EPUB Introducing Windows Server 2012 EPUB ebook

MOBI Introducing Windows Server 2012 MOBI ebook

Introducing Windows Server 2012 is 256 pages and includes 5 chapters loaded with insider information from the Windows Server Team.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The business need for Windows Server 2012
The rationale behind cloud computing Making the transition
Technical requirements for successful cloud computing
Four ways Windows Server 2012 delivers value for cloud computing Foundation for building your private cloud

Chapter 2 Foundation for building your private cloud
A complete virtualization platform
Increase scalability and performance Business continuity for virtualized workloads

Chapter 3 Highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform
Continuous availability
Cost efficiency
Management efficiency

Chapter 4 Deploy web applications on premises and in the cloud
Scalable and elastic web platform
Support for open standards

Chapter 5 Enabling the modern workstyle
Access virtually anywhere, from any device
Full Windows experience
Enhanced security and compliance

To read more about the latest news on Windows Server 2012 and to download the release candidate, go here.

Free ebook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (First Preview)


Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScriptCelebrate the Windows 8 Release Preview and the Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate, we’re happy to release a preview edition of

Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, by Kraig Brockschmidt (who, some of you might remember, many years ago worked with us on a couple editions of Inside OLE).

Download a PDF of the ebook here (4.34 MB).

Download the ebook’s sample code here (27.5 MB).

This first preview contains the first four chapters of what we think will be an 18-chapter final ebook:

Chapter 1 The Life Story of a Metro Style App: Platform Characteristics of Windows
Chapter 2 Quickstart
Chapter 3 App Anatomy and Page Navigation
Chapter 4 Controls, Control Styling, and Basic Data Binding

More info about this book